10 Benefits of VIDEO GAMES that No one has told You!

We all love Video Games. Don’t we? We have been playing games since our childhood and evolved from the cute Mario and Tetris to “Age of Empires” and “Clash of Clans”. Video games have gotten more complex with the advancements in technology and computation power of the machines. Our parents, however, have never liked our habit of playing video games. So, here we have compiled a list of 10 benefits of Video games that you can use to convince people around you:

1. Regularly playing Video games improves your vision

There have been studies which have shown that playing Video games in moderation leads to improved vision. Subjects were able to differentiate between different shades of gray better after playing video games.

2. Regular Gamers can control their dreams

Dreams are a manifestation of what goes in our brain during the day time. Dreams are essentially a cocktail of all such thoughts. Gamers focus on a few things and thus are able to control their dreams better.

3. Video Game players are better at creative activities

Today’s games are sophisticated and require strategic planning at the gamer’s end. Take any First Person Shootout game and you would understand what we are getting at. The player is required to understand all the artillery and then create plans to kill the enemies using their limited weapons.

4. Playing video games result in better memory and cognitive abilities

Better memory is one of the biggest benefits of video games. With complicated game plays, today’s games require highest level cognitive thinking from the players.

5. Playing video games improves your ability to make faster decisions

Video games are all about split second decisions. A shot at just the right time wins you the game and a split second delay mean “GAME OVER”.

6. Video Game players are Better Surgeons than those surgeons who don’t play video games

This is one of the most surprising benefits of video games. A study of laparoscopic specialists found that surgeons who played for over 12 hours a month, made 33% lower errors during the practice procedures as compared to non-gamers.

7. Playing video games can help overcome dyslexia – Its scientifically proven

According to some theories, Dyslexia is caused due to attention problems. Playing video games can help a child overcome Dyslexia since video games require the child to remain focused for long periods of time without them realizing the same. With missions to complete in ever changing and increasingly complex scenario, the child would need to remain attentive.

8. Playing video games Eases Pain – You are so engrossed in game play

Distraction leads to easing of pain and video games are adept at sucking your attention towards the game play. However, this is not the only reason for easing of pain through video games. Playing video games also leads to release of pain killers in our cortial systems.

9. Playing video games slows down the aging process by keeping your brain active

Brain games involving puzzles, memory and problem solving lead to brain activity and can help older people in keeping their brain healthy.

10. Playing video games can help you reduce stress in your life

This is a rather complex point and some games lead to higher stress since nobody likes their character to be killed hundred times. However, certain identified games can help reduce the adrenaline levels. Thats why we take video game breaks while studying!

Hope the gamer in you liked the benefits. Don’t forget to share it with your Gamer friends. They would love you for that!

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