10 Interesting *Failure Stories* of Celebs which will Inspire You!!


10 Interesting *Failure Stories* of Celebs which will Inspire You!!

“Failure defeats losers but inspires winners”. Failure is never permanent if you are willing to fight against it and determined to succeed. It is just another obstacle in your journey to success and the best way to deal with it is to never stop trying.

Here are 10 interesting and inspiring stories of the most famous Celebs who, just like us, faced failures before success. These Celebs fought against failure and turned their failure into the reason for their success! Their stories will surely inspire you to never give up and keep trying, for, success never comes without failure and failure is just a part of success.


1. Shakira

Shakira, the world famous artist that we know of, did not always get accepted and appreciated for her talent which later on became the reason for her success.

In her early childhood days, Shakira discovered her love for dancing and singing. She started writing songs at the age of 8 when she wrote her first song. At young age, she used to love performing for her school friends/teachers and she faced her first failure when she was in second grade. Her music teacher rejected her from being a part of the school choir because she thought Shakira sounded like a goat!

As we all know, Shakira became quite successful in the music industry later on and she is quite famous for her unique singing and dancing skills.

2. Walt Disney

Yes! The man who made our childhoods so much more special, the man who influenced our childhoods to such great extent wouldn’t have been able to do so if it weren’t for the countless times he faced failure. It was those failures which led Walt Disney to such immense success.

He first faced failure when he was fired from his job at Kansas City Star Paper, the reason being “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas” according to his seniors there. Walt’s quest to find success faced yet another failure when his first business was bankrupted. After being fired from his job, he started an animation company “Laugh-O-Gram” which landed into bankruptcy. He then moved to Hollywood, California  where he started his Walt Disney Company and thanks to his past failures, he did not repeat his mistakes.

Thus, the Walt Disney Company came into existence and we couldn’t be any more grateful for it!

3. Bill Gates

Bill Gates belonged to a middle class family and had always been intrigued by the idea of business. Although, his very first attempt at business did not prove to be successful.

The goal of the business was to convert raw traffic data into reports for roadway engineers. For a while this business did get some recognition, however, the machine that he and his partners had built to process the raw facts did not work.

Even though the business was a flop, Bill Gates acquired a strong partnership. He, along with his partner, then established Microsoft, which we all know was a huge success.


4. J.K. Rowling

This Oct. 16, 2012 photo shows author J.K. Rowling at an appearance to promote her latest book “The Casual Vacancy,” at The David H. Koch Theater in New York. Rowling, the popular author of the “Harry Potter” series, spoke for just over an hour before a capacity crowd in her sole U.S. public appearance to promote her first novel for grownups. (Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP)

Its the queen herself! The woman who inspired so many people, not just teenagers but adults as well, also travelled a very difficult path to success. Her story is one of the most inspirational of all! We all know her as the woman who wrote Harry Potter, but before Harry Potter, Rowling lived a life full of struggles and failures.

In 1990, she started her journey of success when she first started writing Harry Potter.  She was devoting herself to the books after a few months her mother had passed away. In 1992 she moved to Portugal and became an English Teacher and got married and also had a daughter. However, her marriage ended in divorce in 1993 after enduring an abusive relationship for one year.

By this time she considered herself to be a failure herself and went into depression. She was jobless, divorced, single mother and did not have money to support herself and her daughter. Even after all this, she fought with her circumstances and made it through the difficult time.

When Rowling was finally ready to publish her book in 1995, her book was rejected by all the 12 major book publishers. Finally, Bloomsbury accepted to publish the book which was finally published in 1997. Since then, the book only gained popularity and became a huge success for J.K. Rowling.

5. Marilyn Monroe

The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, who got a lot of fame as an American Model and Actress, did in fact struggle and lived a hard life before success came her way.

Marilyn was born to a single mother. When she was just 8 years old her mother suffered with mental breakdown and was sent to a mental asylum for the rest of her life. Marilyn, therefor, spent her early life living in foster homes for several years being sexually abused all the time.

Later, her mother’s family friend adopted Monroe, where she was again molested. At the age of 16 Monroe got married to the son of her neighbours. Four years after that, she appeared on the cover of 33 magazines and secured a contract with an acting company. After a few years of struggling, Monroe had still not been recognised.

She kept struggling and pushing herself without giving up and finally she got her big break when she starred in some critically acclaimed movies which grossed over $200 million. Monroe then went on to become the pop culture icon and is still remembered for her work.

6. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the co founder of the most beloved mobile and computer brand Apple, had a life filled with failures.

At a very young age, his mother put him up for adoption and he was brought up by a couple in California. He dropped out of college and decided to take up courses that he wanted to do instead of getting a degree. Finally, he decided to travel the world when he got the idea of Apple Computers while in India, studying Buddhism.

He then co-founded the Apple Inc. along with his friend Steve Wozniak. It gained a lot of success and a lot of fame for Steve Jobs. However, even after the huge success of his company, he faced a lot of challenges which he successful over came. We all know what a huge success Apple Inc. has gained after all!

7. Oprah Winfrey

The famous Actress and Talk Show Host, Oprah had a hard childhood. She was born to a single teenage mother and, in her early life, molested by her cousin, uncle and family friends.  At a very young age of 14 she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby who died shortly after death.

At the age of 17, Oprah won a beauty pageant and developed love for media. She worked at a radio station and after college got a job in a new channel.  She got kicked out of the show because she was unfit for the show according to the producer.

After struggling for a few years, she finally started doing The Oprah Winfrey Show!

8. Jim Carry

No Tabloids -Los Angeles, CA – 11/1/2014 – Press Conference for Dumb and Dumber To at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. -PICTURED: Jim Carrey -PHOTO by: Munawar Hosain/startraksphoto.com -MUv_151336 Editorial – Rights Managed Image – Please contact www.startraksphoto.com for licensing fee Startraks Photo New York, NY For licensing please call 212-414-9464 or email sales@startraksphoto.com

The famous comic actor, Jim Carry, was born in a very poor family who couldn’t support his dreams. When he was 15 years old, his family faced serious financial crisis due to which he had to work as a janitor after school. Once his family was financially stable again, he made his first stand up comedy where he was booed and made fun of. However, he did not lose hope and struggled for 11 years till he landed himself a role in a show called ‘In Living Colour’. He got his big break when his movie, Ace Ventura, was released.

After that, the path of success never stopped for Jim Carry.

9. Charlie Chaplin

The famous silent film actor was born into poverty. His father left his family when he was 2 years old which left his mother with no source of income. At the age of 7 years Chaplin was sent to workhouse (a place where poor children were sent to work in exchange of room and board). His mother died while in a mental asylum. After that, Chaplin and his siblings were left all alone.

Chaplin took part in a number of plays and enhanced his acting skills and finally found his way to Hollywood. Thus, Charlie Chaplin became the famous Silent movie actor whom the whole world knows.

10. The Beatles

The very famous boy band, The Beatles, achieved undeniable success, but there was a time when they were also considered to be failures! In the early 1960s, soon after they were formed, record artists refused to work with them and discouraged them by saying that “guitar groups were on their way out” and that they won’t be successful. The Beatles, as we know, became very famous and successful and never listened to those who tried to discourage them.

Which story did you find the most inspiring. Let us know in the comments!


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