10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

1. Men do not remember the details
While women in their memory store all the little things that they can learn about men, men have their ‘filter’ and they do not remember as many things.
However, like everything else in nature, it is always reimbursed. When you tell them some of your problems, they will immediately try to help resolve it (and then forget about it).
Men are generally better at seeing a bigger picture and they can help you see things clearer when you start freaking out about details. On the other hand, they will not pay attention to small things and you should be there for him to remind him about the details. In this, both of you are like yin and yang and you should act accordingly.

2. Men are emotional
While women are generally regarded as more emotive gender, male infants are more susceptible than female. Adult men also have stronger emotional reactions than women, but only before they are aware of their feelings.
Once they become aware of their emotions, they easily pull poker face. When growing up men learn to hide emotions that society deems as inappropriate for boys, but because of constant restraint of emotion when they do respond, their reactions are stronger than women’s.
So even if your man seems stronger than a rock, beneath all of that there is an emotional being. They get hurt also and maybe they won’t show it right away but that leaves the impact on them.

3. Men focus on solutions
While many studies show that women feel more compassionate than men, this is not entirely true. The difference is only in responding to a problem.
While the female brain is focused on verbal expression and showing empathy, men are focused on solving problems. So, even though he might not cry with you when you get in some difficult situation, for sure he will think about how he can help you to overcome the issue.
In this kind of situations women often see their men as uncompassionate creatures who don’t relate to them, but now you know that it is not true. They just react differently. If you want somebody to cry with you, go to your girlfriend, and if you need somebody to help you, go to your man.

4. Men must defend their territory
Part of man’s work in evolutionary terms is to defend their territory. While women are very possessive men will react aggressively when faced with the threat, especially if they are defending their love “territory”.
Once you two become a couple the man will start to think of you as his “territory” and he will not be pleased if some other male starts to threaten what he won. This is the case with other things in man’s life – his job, his family, his house, his car.
The urge to aggressively defend what is theirs is written in their genes, and not many manage to resist this instinct, which is not a bad thing in many cases. A lot of women see this as a sign of their partner devotion to them.

5. Men like to feel needed
Some men like to fix things, while other do not even have the basic tools for repairs. However, they might be good with computers, or good at teaching, or some other field in everyday life.
Regardless of what is their specialty is, men in general, enjoy feeling like you need them. Take the time to find out what is his thing and make the most of it. On one hand, you will have the satisfied man by your side, and on the other, you will get some things done for you.
It is the similar thing for many women who like to take care of somebody. Caring and nurturing makes them feel complete and important, just like men when they feel needed.

6. Men want women that they can bring to their mother
Believe it or not, men don’t look for super hot girls, but a woman that can present herself in best manners.
This applies to situations when they looking for a serious relationship, someone to bring home to meet their mother, someone to bring to business diners and all sorts of gatherings.
Even though we are used to seeing men drooling over hot sexy girls, in reality, they see this kind of women as a one night stand, while they search for women with whom they would like to spend time with and proudly present her to his friends, colleagues, and family. They also look for stable, strong personalities rather than just pretty faces and hot bodies.

7. Men fantasize about wedding
The common misconception is that women want to marry at any cost, but men would prefer revelry around without commitment for their entire life.
The desire for changing partners is most often evident in men under 30, and after the wild phase, most of them are primarily focused on the establishment of their own family.
Of course, some men get bind more difficult than the others, but that problem is usually genetic. Men without the “promiscuous” gene and that is somewhere around 60 percent, want to be married, start a family and be faithful to his wife. Creating a family is one of the most common goals for mature men, besides having a career and situated life.

8. Pregnancy of partner affects the male brain
The male brain becomes especially different in the months before he becomes a father. In the next few months father’s testosterone declines which encourage the paternal and protective behaviors. The most likely cause of this are pheromones of the pregnant women.
It is not quite clear whether playing with children reduces testosterone levels or decreased levels of testosterone encourages fathers to play with children, but fathers with young children intuitively know that their children are the creatures that need them the most, and because of that fathers will do everything to protect them and reduce the risks. In return, they will receive an increased level of satisfaction and happiness. So, in short being a father does wonder for man’s health.

9. A mature male brain is more cooperative
While young men need to compete and prove to everyone and in any time, mature men are much easier to work with. According to scientists, change is associated with the natural decrease of testosterone production in aging man.
Older men are more interested in cooperation and improving the communities in which they live. They also have more understanding, patience and more peaceful temper. They change their aggressive and instinct behavior for more calm reactions.
In other words, they settle down. So if your partner is a little bit on the wild side you can take the comfort in knowing that he will become much more calmer and cooperative with years, if you have the patience to wait.

10. Men are more vulnerable to loneliness
While loneliness adversely affects everyone’s health, men, especially older men are extremely vulnerable to it.
Therefore, having the women in their life is especially useful for men’s health. Men in stable relationships are healthier; they live longer and have a more balanced hormone levels, which reduces anxiety.
However, not many men are aware of this fact until they got older, but with years they do start to respect their partner more. So from time to time remind them about this scientific fact and make them aware that you are, among other things, a cure for them, as they are for you. The older they get the more they will be ready to commit to their life partner.


SOURCE:- Data from different websites

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