12 Hair Myths You Believe In Which Are Actually Bad For Your Scalp.

Hair is our crowning glory. Dark, lustrous, shiny, wavy, thick long tresses are coveted by women. However, due to this craze we also falsely believe in certain hair myths which can be hazardous to your scalp. Here are some you had no idea about.

1. Brushing Hair Too Much. 

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One of the hair myths is that to get shiny hair brushing it 100 times a day is good. The logic behind this is that brushing helps distribute natural oil from scalp to hair and make it shiny. However, too much brushing actually damages the hair by causing breakage.

2. Grey Hair? Don’t Blame Stress.

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Another joining the list of hair myths is that grey hair is caused due to too much stress. This isn’t true. It all depends upon your genes. Though stress does lead to thinning of hair. Next time you see a grey hair blame it on your genes.

3. Mayonnaise Isn’t The Perfect Hair Conditioner. 

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Yes, mayo has fatty acids but it doesn’t do your hair much good. Too much oil in it weighs down your hair and gives it a clumsy, oily look.

4. Plucking Grey Hair Is Not Good. 

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Another of those hair myths we have heard for so long. It doesn’t matter if you pluck them or not. Quit having  stress over grey hair. If your roots have started to grow grey hair there’s isn’t much you can do. However, plucking should still be avoided as it can cause balding.

5. Letting Hair Air Dry Is Not Good. 

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One of the other hair myths debunked is letting your hair dry on its own. Hair kept wet for long time leads to interior swells which leads to damage. Let you hair air dry almost 70% and then blow dry it on cool. Ensure to keep six inches away from your hair.

6. Dandruff And Dry Scalp. 

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Dandruff is not simply caused due to dry scalp. It can be due to yeast infection, too much stress, hormone imbalance and even oily scalp.

7. Hats Don’t Cause Baldness. 

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This is another of those hair myths that should be debunked. Wearing a hat regularly will not cause baldness but yes it will help you to hide bald spots. Hair loss is due to your genetic traits.

8. Cold Water Rinsing. 

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Another of those hair myths is that if your rinse hair regularly with cold water it will give your hair the shiny look which is not true. In fact it may do you harm as cold water constructs the capillaries in the scalp which carry vital nutrients to each follicle.

9. Regular Trimming Doesn’t Grown Hair. 

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Busting another of those annoying myths surrounding hair is that one should get hair regularly trimmed to keep hair growing. It doesn’t make any sense how trimming will stimulate your hair roots. However, trimming is necessary to ensure that dry split ends are removed giving your mane a healthy look.

10. Using Same Shampoo. 

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Shampoo is to ensure that your scalp remains clean so just stop believing in such hair myths which tell you to keep changing shampoo every now and then. Choose whichever keeps your scalp clean and healthy and if you regularly use it then well and good.

11. Sun Will Not Lighten Your Hair. 

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Skin can get burnt if exposed to sun too much. Same goes for hair as well. Believing in myths like these will cause you only harm. Sun is not the solution here, take note.

12. Greasy Hair And Conditioner. 

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In order to bust such hair myths one needs to know the basic facts. Greasy hair is caused due to excess sebum production and not due to conditioning. If you have greasy scalp then use a clarifying shampoo and use conditioner at the ends.



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